Standing Up For The Loved Ones Of Wrongful Death Victims

If a wrongful death accident killed the person you love, you may file a lawsuit against those responsible. At Le & Kittleson, we strive to give you the care that you deserve in your time of need.

If you are a statutory beneficiary, you may be entitled to received help regarding these unfortunate events. Although specific wrongful death statutes vary from state to state, we possess complete and confident knowledge in the rules that govern Washington state.

You Deserve The Best Outcome Available In Your Case

Our attorneys have decades of experience between them. Whether assertively negotiating a favorable settlement or representing you in court before a judge and jury, our team always fights for maximum compensation.

We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in personal injury cases, including multimillion-dollar verdicts at trial. Because we understand the severe impact that a wrongful death can have on your life, we will never give up until we have reached the best outcome available in your case.

Helping All Members Of The Washington Community

We do not care how much money you make or what background you come from. We care about helping you. Because Le & Kittleson, works on contingency, you will not have to pay any fees up front. This allows us to serve clients from a diverse variety of backgrounds. 

Let Us Stand Up For You. Schedule A Consultation Today.

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