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When an external force causes harm to the head or body, it can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Prevalent in car accidents and blunt force trauma, these injuries can be very debilitating due to the temporary dysfunction of brain cells.

The Renton-based firm of Le & Kittleson, can help you if you survived a TBI or if you lost a loved one because of a TBI. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for clients throughout Washington. As your counsel, we provide not only excellent legal acumen but also compassionate assistance during a challenging time.

What classifies As A Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by a forceful blow, or jolt to the head or body, or from an object that pierces the skull and enters the brain. Some types of TBI can cause short-term problems with normal brain functioning, including issues with how cognition, communication, memory and muscle movement.  More serious TBI can lead to severe, permanent disability, and even death.

What Are The Risks Posed By A Brain Injury?

In addition to the damage caused at the moment of injury, brain trauma causes secondary injury, a variety of events that take place in the minutes and days following the injury. These processes, which include alterations in cerebral blood flow and the pressure within the skull, contribute substantially to the damage from the initial injury. Severe injuries can result in bruising, torn tissue and damage to the brain itself. This can result in long-term complications or even fatality. Read more frequently asked questions about brain injuries.

The Experience And Knowledge To Handle TBI Issues

Our attorneys understand how traumatic brain injuries and personal injury law intersect. As members of the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington, we are confident that we can provide the knowledge and care needed to handle such a delicate and traumatic injury. When you schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, you can discuss how your injury has affected your life and we will help you understand your legal options.

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