Where a car accident occurs can significantly impact the outcome

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In many car accidents, people will sustain serious injuries that could turn fatal. However, if these individuals get the medical treatment that they need quickly enough, they may be able to survive those injuries.

A common example of this is internal bleeding or bleeding around someone’s brain. The symptoms may only be mild right after the accident, but they could turn serious in the hours to come. This is why it’s so important for people to get medical treatment, even if they don’t think they’ve been seriously injured.

Rural roads are more dangerous

When you look at statistics, you’ll find that the fatality rates are higher on rural roads. There are far fewer people living in rural areas, as opposed to urban areas. These relatively low traffic levels are why the fatality rate is so high – even if overall fatalities tend to be split between cities and rural areas. 

One of the reasons for this high fatality rate is that these car accidents are more remote. This can delay the treatment that people receive, significantly impacting the odds that they will survive. Two people could have the same internal injuries and one could get prompt treatment and survive, while the other doesn’t receive treatment for 30 minutes and passes away. This is why accidents in remote locations are simply more likely to turn fatal, as it takes time for medical teams to respond and transport the injured person to the hospital.

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