What kind of eye injuries can car crashes cause?

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Those with good vision often take it for granted. Unfortunately, a car accident can potentially change someone’s vision permanently.

Not only can the eyes be damaged during a collision, but parts of the brain that affect vision can suffer trauma as well. Below are some of the more common eye injuries associated with car accidents.

Orbital fractures

The orbital bones are the structures that keep the eyes in place. These bones are very strong, so it usually takes a lot of force to fracture them. The force generated in a car accident can be enough to fracture the orbital bones.

Usually, these types of fractures are very painful and will result in severe bruising and swelling. This alone can impact visibility. However, without the structure, the eyes can also be moved out of place, resulting in vision issues.

Retinal detachment

The retinas sit at the back of each eye. They absorb light and convert that light into signals to the brain. During a car crash, the retina can become dislodged or completely detached, meaning that light is no longer transferred into electrical signals.

Retinal detachment is very painful, and it can require surgery to fix. In severe cases, damage to the eyes may be permanent.

Damage caused by projectiles

During a crash, various items within the car can become projectiles. The windshield and pieces of scrap metal may also become projectiles. If these parts enter the eyes, they can cause vision issues.

Personal injury compensation could be an option if you have been injured in a crash. This will largely depend on whether negligence was at play. Seek legal guidance to find out more about your options.