What should you know about spinal cord injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Car Accident |

Spinal cord injuries are possible when someone is involved in a traumatic accident, such as a motor vehicle crash or a slip-and-fall. While some spinal cord injuries may only lead to temporary effects, many result in permanent issues. 

Someone who suffered one of these injuries needs to know several things. Understanding these points may help them to understand their recovery better. 

The location of the injury matters 

The location of the damage on the spinal cord determines what areas of the body are affected. The area that’s impacted will always be below the injury. Cervical injuries, which are located in the neck, will have a greater impact on the body than ones on the lumbar spine, which is located in the lower back. 

The classification of the injury is important 

All spinal cord injuries are classified as either complete or incomplete. A complete injury means the nerve pathways are entirely severed, so there’s no movement or feeling below the level of the injury. An incomplete injury means the nerve pathways are still partially connected, so there’s some feeling and movement below the injury. There’s a better chance of a full recovery if the injury is incomplete. 

Immediate medical care is critical for individuals who suffer a spinal cord injury. Leaving this type of injury untreated can lead to the effects becoming worse. The medical care and other expenses related to a spinal cord can become costly. Seeking compensation is possible if the negligence of another party caused the injury. This must be done within the time limit set by Washington law, so swift action is critical.