4 kinds of traumatic car accident injuries

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Not a day passes without someone becoming a victim of a car accident. Car accidents can cause people to suffer traumatic injuries, which can lead to emergency surgeries and medical debt. 

It can help people to be aware of the kinds of injuries that can happen in a car accident. Here’s what you should know:

1. Concussions

One of the most common injuries in car accidents is a concussion. A concussion happens when someone takes a hit to the head, which also often happens in sports injuries and slip-and-fall accidents. When the victim is hit in the head, their brain rattles around inside their skull causing injury and, sometimes, swelling. This can cause a victim to experience confusion, dizziness and sensory sensitivity. Many people also blackout when they experience a concussion, which can lead to memory loss.

2. Internal bleeding

If a driver suffers from blunt force trauma in a wreck, they could experience internal bleeding. Internal bleeding often affects the brain and other organs and can be difficult to diagnose. A victim experiencing internal bleeding may feel nauseous, pain and shortness of breath. Internal bleeding can easily result in organ failure, systemic shock and death.

3. Skull fractures

If the skull is hit or stuck, the structure could fracture. The most common kind of skull fracture is linear, a break in the bone that doesn’t cause any bone to move. A skull depression is a kind of fracture that creates a sunken space in the skull, which can put pressure on the brain. The most dangerous skull fracture happens when the skull surfers a puncture wound, which can expose the brain to bone fragments and other wounds.

4. Paralysis 

The spine is important for sending signals from the brain to the limbs and back. When the spine is injured, these signals may be disrupted, resulting in paralysis. Paralysis can cause someone to lose control and feeling in their arms, legs, neck or other body parts. A victim could suffer from paralysis that only affects a small limb, half of their body or their entire body from their neck down.

If someone you love is suffering from traumatic injuries after a car accident, it can help to learn about your legal options as you find solutions to your medical debts and losses.