Taking legal action after falling at the supermarket

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If you slip, trip or fall while shopping at a Washington retail establishment, you could be entitled to significant compensation. A financial award may help pay for medical bills, lost wages and other damages incurred due to the property owner’s negligence. However, whether you receive any money depends on the strength of your evidence and the circumstances surrounding your accident.

Determining liability

Several factors determine whether another party is liable for damages in your case. For example, if a grocery store employee put up a sign warning of a potential hazard, it may absolve the store of liability in your case. If you were listening to music or failed to wear adequate footwear when you fell, it may be argued that you contributed to the accident.

Evidence that might be used in your case

Cameras are likely keeping an eye on the inside and outside of the store. Therefore, you should have video footage of what happened before, during and after your slip or fall. Photos may also show that you slipped on a puddle in the middle of an aisle or tripped on loose carpeting at the front entrance. Witness and employee statements may also bolster the odds of obtaining a favorable outcome in your premises liability case.

Multiple parties may be liable for damages if you are hurt while on someone else’s property. These parties may include the property owner, anyone who was in control of the property when the accident happened and others who acted in a negligent manner that led to your injuries. You typically have three years from the date of your accident to file a premises liability case in the state of Washington.