Seek medical help after a car accident in case of head injuries

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More than 80,000 car accidents occur on Washington state roads every year. These car accidents result in more than 1,900 serious injuries. Head injuries contribute to some of the most serious side effects and carry the potential for death and paralysis. You should always seek medical treatment after a car injury.

Importance of medical treatment

Many people receive an injury after a motor vehicle accident and think they can just wait for the symptoms to pass. Seeking medical treatment immediately allows medical professionals to diagnose and treat a brain injury. Some injuries may not present symptoms for days or weeks following the accident.

Medical treatment as evidence

If you sustained your head injury after a car accident, you might find yourself in a legal battle. During these battles, insurance companies may try to downplay the extent of your injuries. Having proof that you sought medical treatment may help back up your claims in court.

During legal battles, victims of car accidents who sustain severe head injuries typically fight for compensation for the following:

• Medical treatments
• Lost wages
• Future therapy costs
• Pain and suffering

Warning signs of a head injury

If a car accident occurs suddenly, you may not recognize or remember sustaining a head injury. Over the next several days you may begin to experience symptoms that will alert you to the presence of potential head injuries. If you experience any of the following symptoms after a car accident, you should seek medical treatment immediately:

• Headaches or dizziness
• Confusion
• Poor coordination
• Blurred vision
• Feeling light-headed
• Nausea and vomiting
• Slurred speech
• Inability to concentrate
• Seizures

Protect yourself in the long-term

After a car accident, you may want to go home and relax, especially if you believe you sustained only a mild head injury. Doing so could, however, be dangerous to your physical and financial health. Seeking medical treatment may offer long-term medical and legal protection.