Common car accident injuries

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Car accidents may leave Washington drivers and their passengers suffering injuries. Some types are quite debilitating and could require extensive treatments to address.

Troubling car accident injuries

Among the most concerning injuries someone might suffer in a collision are those affecting the brain. Severe head trauma might occur on impact, and accident victims may suffer a fractured skull. Other incidents could leave someone with a less severe injury, such as a concussion. Concussions might cause the victim many problems, including blurred vision and ringing in the ears.

Anyone who suffers a head injury may find it wise to seek out immediate medical attention. Such advice might apply to all injuries sustained in a vehicle collision.

Whiplash often happens when a car gets struck from behind. The impact could cause the violent back-and-forth movement of the head, leading to neck ligament and soft tissue damage. Problems from whiplash might linger for quite a while.

Car crashes might cause spinal or back injuries of various degrees. These injuries could dramatically impact someone’s quality of life and may take a long time to heal. Surgery might be unavoidable in some cases. Most worrisome, severe spinal injuries may lead to permanent disabilities.

Sprains and broken bones are possible. An ankle sprain might hobble someone’s movements, and extensive ankle damage could require surgery to implant pins.

Tendonitis is not incredibly serious, but it hurts. The pain from tendonitis could last a long time, and victims may deal with discomfort until the tendons heal.

Costs and liabilities

Injuries derived from auto accidents may come with many financial costs. People might lose income or incur medical and other expenses. A civil lawsuit could help the victim recover funds.