Points about driving in construction zones

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Construction zones pop up throughout Washington state. Drivers wishing to avoid an accident should adjust their behavior when traveling through a work area.

Basic points about construction zone safety

If a construction worker is holding a sign that tells you to stop or slow down, do what the sign says. A truck may soon back out onto the road, or oncoming traffic might need to enter the opposite lane. Ignoring a worker’s instructions could be dangerous and leave violators liable for any harm that they cause.

Even without a sign, drivers should expect to slow down when approaching a construction zone. With so much activity occurring, it may be necessary to stop without warning, which is challenging if you’re driving too fast for the conditions.

Be on high alert when traveling through construction zones, road blocks or street closures. There may be people, vehicles or hazards that you cannot see. Rubbernecking or getting distracted by what’s happening might increase your chances of rear-ending the person in front of you.

Safety in a construction zone

Keeping steady with traffic flow may reduce the chances of auto accidents. Tailgating a vehicle is unwise in most circumstances and could be far worse in a construction zone. Cars may stop without warning, and following too close might cause a crash.

Be patient while driving through a construction zone. Impatience may result in road rage and moving violations. Passing on the right shoulder to escape a construction zone could result in a collision with another vehicle. Or worse, you might hit a construction worker who’s just out of sight.

Construction zones come with added dangers and distractions. Being extra vigilant could reduce the odds of getting into an accident.