Summertime fun can increase the risk of brain injuries

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When the weather starts warming up in Washington, it’s a sign that summer is around the corner. While summer is a season that’s all about having fun, it’s also a time when lots of injuries can occur. With that in mind, here’s why summer poses an increased risk for brain injuries and how to avoid them.


What makes summer a risky time for brain injuries?

For most people, summer is a time to enjoy outdoor activities. Taking part in a game of football or water skiing can be great ways to have fun. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for such activities to also lead to dangerous brain injuries.

Another risk factor for brain injuries in the summer involves automobiles. Summer weather often tempts people to take road trips. Unfortunately, if severe enough, car accidents can cause injuries to the brain.

Preventing brain injuries in the summer

While it’s impossible to predict when someone’s going to get hurt, you can keep yourself and your family safe by following a few simple tips. One of the best ways to prevent injuries to the brain is by wearing a helmet while playing football or going on a bike ride.

Sadly, many brain injuries occur in the wake of automobile accidents. These injuries often occur due to the force put on the human body during an automobile collision. Considering that, make sure you and your passengers always wear seat belts while on the road. It’s also a good idea to keep younger passengers sitting safely in the back seat.

Before you start enjoying summer activities, it’s important to keep your travel group safe from brain injuries. If you suspect that someone may have a brain injury, seek medical attention for him or her immediately