Common causes of truck accident claims

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A truck accident could cause incredible property damage and possibly devastating physical injuries. While many trucks arrive at their destinations without incident, enough accidents happen in Washington and throughout the country to raise questions about why the collisions occur. Understanding the most common reasons could assist with steps to reduce occurrences. At the very least, increased awareness helps others know of the dangers.

Reasons for truck crashes

Not surprisingly, speeding remains a top reason for truck collisions. When a vehicle travels too fast, various safety elements become compromised. A tractor-trailer requires additional distance to brake, and high speeds further increase braking distance. Still, drivers may travel at unsafe speeds to arrive at a destination on time or ahead of schedule.

Truck drivers may find themselves becoming angry or agitated about road conditions or other motorists’ behavior. Regardless, there’s no legitimate excuse for aggressive and dangerous driving. Truck drivers who tailgate or cut others off could cause fatal accidents.

Improper cargo loading and poor maintenance may negatively affect performance. Imagine cargo sliding around inside the trailer. The weight shift could cause problems. Bad brakes and worn tires also present dangerous risks.

Truck driving issues common among all drivers

Not all truck accidents happen because of issues unique to large vehicles. A truck driver could embrace the same bad habits that an SUV or economy car might, such as distracted or intoxicated driving. Distracted driving happens when someone does not pay the proper attention to the road or engages in an activity that compromises reactions and perceptions. Eating while driving and concentrating on a podcast are two examples.

Intoxicated driving does not refer to alcohol exclusively. Someone taking OTC medication for a cold may become fatigued or otherwise impaired. Anyone causing an accident while impaired might face a lawsuit.