Some statistics and facts about TBIs

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A traumatic brain injury in occurs when there is a violent blow to the head, such as during a fall or auto accident. Knowing some statistics can help Washington residents pinpoint how big of a problem it is and find the causes.

Overview of TBI stats for common causes

The CDC reports that annually, about 1.7 million Americans experience a TBI with vehicle accidents accounting for 17.3% of TBI cases. Around 5.3 million Americans need assistance for life because of a TBI, and brain injuries are the leading cause of disability.

Falls cause the most TBI-related injuries, especially among children and older people, making up 40% of cases in the U.S. The second common cause of deaths from TBI is getting struck by an object or unintentionally by another person. Vehicle accidents represent the third top cause of brain injury death, accounting for about 200,000 TBIs annually across all ages.

At-risk groups

Anyone can experience a TBI, but some groups are at a greater risk, such as homeless individuals and the elderly. Males have a slightly higher risk of a TBI and a three times greater chance of death from TBI than females.

Young adults ages 15-24 have a greater risk of being hospitalized for a TBI from vehicle accidents, followed by the 25-to-34 age group. Vehicle accidents are among the top cause of deaths related to brain injuries in youths aged 5 to 24.

If a person’s TBI was caused by negligence or criminal actions, the victim may sue for compensation. First, they should seek medical attention immediately since some injuries don’t show signs for several hours or days.