Femur fractures in Washington car crashes

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Femur fractures are infamous for being among the most excruciating types of injuries that can result from a Washington car accident. It’s something that happens with crashes on motorcycles, cars, trucks, or being struck by any one of these types of vehicles as a pedestrian. Those who are at the greatest risk of experiencing this particularly painful skeletal injury are motorcyclists and pedestrians.

When it’s discovered that an individual has a fractured femur in a car accident, they’re usually transported from the crash site directly to the hospital. This may have a significant impact on the amount of compensation you’re entitled to if the other driver’s negligence caused the accident and thus your injury.

Which bone is the femur?

The femur is the top part of the leg: Your femurs extend from the hips to the knees. Each femur has a femoral head that goes into your hip joints. A shaft in each femur extends all the way from the upper leg down to the femur’s connection into the knee joint, also known as the distal end.

An indicator of a larger problem

Sometimes referred to as the thigh bone, the femoral neck is your body’s strongest bone. Accordingly, it takes a significant impact of force to break a femur – and it usually means bad news for the rest of your body when it does come to that.

This includes damage to muscles, ligaments, and blood vessels. While these may seem like lesser concerns, they may actually cause greater damage to your body and risk to your overall health than the femur break itself.

Femur fracture varieties

Femoral neck fractures, often called hip fractures, are common in the elderly due to their delicate bones. If the break is located at the distal or bottom end of the femur, it’s usually called a knee fracture.

For injuries resulting from a violent and traumatic motor vehicle accident, a fracture to the femur shaft may occur. This type of break most commonly happens with adults and adolescents.

Femur fractures, a highly common injury among motorcyclists and pedestrians, are usually a sign that you’ve sustained more injuries than you may realize. This is for the simple fact that the femur bone takes such a tremendous amount of force to break.