Driving safely in the rain

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Residents of Seattle are no strangers to rainy weather. While the rain is expected, it can make the roads more slippery and lead to motor vehicle accidents if drivers aren’t careful. There are certain steps you can take to drive more safely in the rain.

Slow your speed

Washington motor vehicle accidents are more likely to happen in rainy weather when people speed. However, you can go an extra step and slow your speed by around five to 10 miles per hour under the legal speed limit when the rain is particularly heavy. This can prevent your tires from skidding.

Be extra alert

While you should always be alert, you will want to be especially cautious when driving in the rain. You never know when another vehicle might suddenly veer into your lane, travel too quickly, or even tailgate you. If you stay extra alert, you can be aware of these and other potential dangers and safely avert them.

Use your headlights

Even if you’re driving in the daytime in the rain, it’s wise to turn on your headlights. Visibility is reduced in bad weather and it might be more difficult to see. Other drivers may also have trouble seeing you especially if you have a dark-colored car. Your headlights can make you more visible and lower the risk of motor vehicle accidents in Washington.

Be careful when braking

When you have to use your brake, be careful and slowly, gently tap the pedal. Never slam on the brake in the rain. It can cause your car to skid on a slippery surface and lead to an accident.

Avoid hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when your vehicle’s tires lose traction with the road and slide in the rain. You can avoid this problem by slowing down your speed. However, if you notice your vehicle begin to hydroplane, continue to slow down by easing your foot off the gas to slow down even further. Control your steering by moving the steering wheel in the direction of the hydroplane. You should regain control shortly afterward. Don’t panic as it can lead to motor vehicle accidents.