Keep your home in good shape: Prevent premises liability

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Did you know that you are liable for an accident on your property? Residents of Seattle and nearby areas in Washington may want to learn more about how to keep your home safe, not only for your family but for any accidents that may result due to your negligence. You would be found liable if there were to be a lawsuit.

According to SomethingAboutOrange, personal injury may occur in a number of different areas, so it may be wise to be aware of some possible issues. They could create a problem for you and your guests.

What are licensees?

These are the social guests who visit your property. They should be notified, ahead of time or as soon as they arrive, of any dangerous conditions on your property. This prevents premises liability accidents.

What are invitees?

Workmen, such as plumbers, painters or repairmen, come to fix something in your home or on your property. It is up to you to maintain a high level of safety when they come into your home doing work.

Are you liable for trespassers?

No, you are not. They weren’t authorized to be there, so you owe them nothing if there is an injury.

Swimming pools

Considered an “attractive nuisance” the swimming pool is a temptation. Diving injuries, slip and falls, and the worst, drowning, may all result while people your pool. How can you make it safe? Some areas for consideration are the following:

  • Fencing with locks on entry
  • Lock-up of chemicals
  • Area should be free of clutter

You want to prevent slips and falls, especially when kids run around.

You may be liable for your dog

Biting dogs are a liability. Some states allow one bite, but after that, you are liable. Keep Rover on a leash when outdoors and know his behavior around people and other dogs.

From biting dogs to pools to parties, premises liability may be the result of an accident. Keep your home and property safe.