Liability for hotel accidents

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Being injured while staying at a Washington hotel can be a complicated legal matter in many instances. Any number of scenarios could result in injury when staying at an unusual place around other people, most of whom are strangers. Not only is it important to be on guard for personal safety, but it is important to pay close attention when using hotel facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna or in-house lounge. You should stay aware of your surroundings because personal negligence can impact an injury claim.

Comparative negligence in premises liability cases

Premises liability injury claims are a bit different from auto accident claims, but the comparative negligence doctrine is not. The claimant’s actions will surely be discussed in court if the hotel or their insurance company denies a claim. Slip-and-fall injuries often have a central component of personal liability that can be used as a defense if a case happens to go to court. If the court determines that the victim was partly responsible for their injuries, the claim will be reduced by the claimant’s comparative negligence percentage.

Settling a claim

The case might be settled in negotiation if there is a clear liability for the hotel. Regardless of what caused the injury, injured victims may be entitled to financial recovery for medical bills, lost wages when they apply, and potential general damages for long-term implications and mental anguish associated with the injury. While a settlement will keep the case out of court, any personal fault can still result in the claim being reduced. The charge of the claimant’s attorney will be keeping personal fault assessment to a minimum.

Hotel corporations may be financially capable of paying whole damages when a guest is injured at their facility. Additionally, depending on the material case facts, punitive damages could be in order when the case is thoroughly examined in a trial.