What you need to know about car accidents and back injuries

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Car accidents don’t always cause injuries that are easy to identify. Although you might feel good today, you could be dealing with stiffness, inflammation and limited movement in the days to come. That’s why understanding the many back injuries that are caused by crashes is important.

Dealing with the discomfort of back sprains and strains could leave you sidelined

Newton’s Law of Motion dictates that moving things tend to stay moving until their inertia finally wears out. In a car crash, everything is brought to a rapid and sudden stop except for your body. Immediately after impact, your neck and back undergo swaying, rocking motions. These movements can upset the delicate balance and alignment of the spine and cause stress to the muscles, ligaments and other musculoskeletal structures that support it.

With back sprains and strains, ligaments can be torn, or the soft tissues and muscles within the affected might become inflamed. Back spasms and the inability to stretch, bend, twist or even sit upright are among some of the developments that people can face after car crashes. Worse still, without proper treatment, problems like these can have a progressive impact on surrounding areas as nearby structures overwork themselves by compensating for the injury.

Pinched or herniated discs are common issues after car crashes

When spinal alignment is disrupted by a jarring car accident, problems with disc compression can arise. Pinched or herniated discs can lead to radiating nerve pain, neuropathy and diminished movement. As disc fluid leaks out or as the disc itself compresses nearby nerves, numbness, tingling sensations and sharp pains that travel down the arm from the neck or down the back of the leg can present.

Sometimes, back problems present within just minutes of auto crashes. In other instances, developing issues won’t exhibit symptoms for two to three days or even longer. This makes it important to avoid rushing into settlements after auto accidents without consulting with an attorney. It’s always best to be seen by your doctor and to even consult with a chiropractor or another practitioner who’s focused on the health of the spine.