Children and motor vehicle accidents

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Children between ages 3 and 14 mostly suffer unintentional deaths while riding in a car. Most children’s car-related injuries or deaths occur when they aren’t restrained correctly. In Washington, children must be properly restrained anytime they get in a car. Here are ways to ensure the safety of your children when driving.

Use of child safety seats

While most people often think that they have properly installed their children’s safety seats, the National SAFE KIDS campaign suggests otherwise. Up to 85% of child safety seats are improperly installed. When not properly installed, children may suffer severe injuries or die in auto accidents. Before installing the safety seat, parents ought to read the manual for proper installation. Additionally, select a safety seat that’s compatible with your vehicle.

The danger of airbags

Airbags work in conjunction with lap and shoulder belts to save adult lives. However, they cause a danger to children’s lives. During an accident, an airbag deploys at 200 miles per hour. This speed can hurt anyone close to the airbag. When children are not restrained, the airbag can inflate, resulting in fatal injuries. Always place your children in the rear seat when driving. If the child must sit in the front seat, push back from the airbag.

Riding in the back of trucks

Pickup trucks are not safe for children. When involved in an auto accident, children riding in a truck’s cargo area have a higher chance of dying. Ejection from the cargo area is the leading cause of death. Covered cargo areas are also a risk since they expose children to carbon monoxide poisoning.

While driving, always ensure your children are safe. If you get into an auto accident, contact an attorney immediately. He or she may help you obtain the right compensation.