Is rubbernecking dangerous?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Car Accident |

Washington drivers run the risk of getting into rubbernecking-related accidents when they take to the road. Informing the public of what rubbernecking is and why it’s so dangerous can help to prevent more of this behavior from happening in the future.

What is rubbernecking?

Rubbernecking is a term given to the simple act of craning the neck in a position away from the roadway to look at something outside the vehicle. In most cases, the reason for the rubbernecking is to evaluate car accidents that a driver passes by. Unfortunately, the person who is rubbernecking could end up causing another car accident due to their lapse of attention behind the wheel.

Breaking our natural curiosity

While rubbernecking is a natural human instinct, it can be deadly. When people let their natural instincts override their need to be alert behind the wheel, it can lead to deadly accidents. In fact, a driver traveling at 55 miles per hour who looks away from the road in front of them for five seconds will have traveled the length of a football field. That’s a fairly long distance for a car to travel without the driver paying attention to the roadway.

It’s vital that drivers not take their eyes of the road. When you see an accident occur, you need to keep safety in mind. If necessary, pull off of the roadway to check that everybody at the accident scene is alright. Don’t simply let yourself pull your attention away from the roadway as you could cause another accident.

Rubbernecking is a big problem when it comes to driving down the roadway. Drivers who take their eyes off of the wheel for just a few seconds can travel great distances while distracted. Next time you’re passing by an accident scene, it’s best to simply keep your eyes on the roadway to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers.