2 hurt in crash on Interstate 5 in Washington

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When there is a crash or a vehicle that has been disabled on the highway, the State Highway Patrol may respond. Those workers are doing their jobs, and they’re there to make sure that others are safe. Even the police can make mistakes behind the wheel, however.

Slick roads and inexperience are a dangerous combination

 According to the news, two troopers in Washington state were injured when one of their vehicles crashed into the other while responding to a single-vehicle collision. The first trooper arrived at the scene of a crash at around 2:30 a.m., the report states, where there was a victim of a single-vehicle collision. That vehicle had hit a barrier, and the victim was waiting for help.

A second trooper approached, but he lost control of his vehicle. It had been raining, so the ground was slick. The trooper ended up colliding with the first trooper’s patrol vehicle. The first trooper’s vehicle went on to hit the civilian’s car as well.

Fortunately, the victim who called for support was not hurt in either of the crashes, but the troopers both suffered injuries. They were taken to St. Clare Hospital for treatment. They believe that the second crash was a result of a combination between slick roads and the second trooper’s inexperience. On rain-slick roads, it’s smart to slow down and give yourself additional room to stop when you need it.

When you’re hurt in a crash, you should know your rights

If you are involved in a traffic collision, it’s important to know your rights. You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim to help you get the financial coverage that you need as you recover.