Common ways that people wind up with a serious brain injury

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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are some of the worst injuries that a person can suffer. Depending on the location of the injury, how severe it is, your unique neurology and how soon you get treatment, a TBI could mean the end of your career or educational pursuits.

A brain injury could also mean that you have limited mobility and may require the help of other people to fulfill basic life tasks like dressing yourself. Understanding common ways that people develop brain injuries can help you make better decisions that will reduce your risk of incurring such an injury.

Violence and sports can lead to brain injuries 

When a football player gets tackled, hockey player gets checked into the wall or a volleyball player dives for the ball but misses and hits their head on the ground, they could potentially injure their brains.

Both rough shaking motions and blunt force trauma can cause traumatic brain injuries. Competitive sports often put people at risk for these injuries.

It’s also possible for victims of violence to suffer a brain injury. Someone who suffers a blow to the head or even a penetrating injury such as a gunshot could develop a brain injury as a result.

When people fall, they can hurt their brains

Falling can result in blunt force trauma to the head when a person strikes the ground. Violent shaking motion if they roll or tumble during the process of the fall can also be catastrophic. Obviously, people who fall from great heights, like off the roof of a building, could wind up hurt as a result.

Those who fall shorter distances, such as down a single flight of stairs, could also suffer brain injuries despite falling a much smaller distance. Even a slip-and-fall incident could result in a TBI in some cases.

Car accidents can cause a brain injury in an instant

Motor vehicle collisions can cause all kinds of injuries, including TBIs. A driver could easily hit their head on the steering wheel or the window next to them. If the car rolls over or spins violently during the crash, that could also lead to bruising and swelling of the brain. Those who get ejected from the vehicle because of the force of the crash could easily suffer severe brain injuries as a result.

Individuals with brain injuries and family members caring for someone with a severe TBI may find themselves in need of financial compensation because of a combination of lost wages and extreme medical expenses associated with the care of a brain injury.