Waterpark hazards: When is the park to blame?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Premises Liability |

When you go to a waterpark, it’s usually with the understanding that you’ll be around water and are taking calculated risks. You know that there will be wet ground and that you could breathe in water if you aren’t a strong swimmer.

Some of these risks are inherent to going to a waterpark, which means that not all injuries from them would result in a waterpark being liable. However, there are cases when injuries suffered may be the responsibility of the park. In those cases, you may be able to get compensation for what you’ve been through.

When is a waterpark liable for the injuries you’ve suffered there?

A waterpark may be liable if you were hurt as a result of a waterpark employee’s actions. For example, if the employee was reckless or acted negligently, they could be responsible for the injuries. For instance, an employee who doesn’t wait for the last person to get to the bottom of a waterslide and sends the next person down is creating a dangerous situation where the second person may run into the first. Intentionally sending someone down the slide early could make the park liable for any injuries that occur. Waterparks might also be liable for injuries if their slides are not well-maintained or if the water is not clean due to poor maintenance.

Can you sue even if you signed a waiver?

Waivers aren’t always watertight, and they may not prevent you from suing if you’re injured while you’re there. You may want to take the waiver to your attorney if you intend to sue but signed one upon entering the park.