Why can’t people put down their phones when they drive?

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From the moment that cellphones and smartphones became small and powerful enough to be taken with you, you’ve probably had one on you most of the time. It’s a reality that these small devices have penetrated society. Most people have at least one phone or smart device with them all the time.

A smartphone is like your own personal minicomputer. It contains your email, gives you a way to call the people you need to get in touch with and might even have your car insurance app or other programs on it.

Today, people can’t seem to live without their phones, and that’s a problem when they drive. Looking away from the road for just a few seconds is long enough to cause a crash, and that’s the risk you face if you use your phone while driving.

Why can’t people put down their phones while driving?

There are many reasons why people can’t put down their phones. One is the sense of urgency that constant ringers and reminder tones send out. If you hear a new message come in, you might automatically move to look and see who it is. That’s a distraction that drivers shouldn’t have to deal with on the road.

Another issue is the addictive nature of smartphones. Being able to correspond rapidly through email, social media and other methods makes you feel like you must respond urgently and get responses instantly. That habit is no good when you’re driving, because you should be completely focused on the road.

You can avoid these problems by leaving your phone at home, turning off the ringer or putting it in your glove compartment. Taking away this distraction may help you avoid a serious collision.