Hot Button Questions for Jurors

In Renton auto accidents, the personal injury lawyer representing the victim gets to ask potential jurors key questions about their biases and preconceived notions.

Potential Subjects

A personal injury lawyer may ask potential jurors about their opinions regarding soft tissue injuries and chiropractors. Another line of questioning may center around the science of accident reconstruction. They may also be asked about frivolous lawsuits and whether they think that a monetary judgment can really provide justice in the case.

Legal Assistance

For more information on questions to ask in cases involving Renton auto accidents, contact Edward K. Le PLLC Attorneys at Law.



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Discovery Process

A Renton motorcycle accident lawyer can discuss the discovery process with you and what you can expect, including the following topics:


A Renton motorcycle accident attorney can explain that interrogatories are questions that you may be required to answer to inform the other side of the basis of your claim and the evidence you will present.

Requests for Production

These requests ask you to produce some type of tangible or intangible evidence, such as a document or electronic communication.

For more information on other aspects of the discover process, contact a Renton motorcycle accident lawyer from Edward K. Le LLC Attorneys at Law.

Renton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Discovery Process

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A Renton Slip & Fall Lawyer on Issues Covered at Deposition

As part of the discovery process in a personal injury lawsuit, each party is provided the opportunity to learn what the other party knows about the incident that led to the filing of the claim. A Renton slip and fall lawyer can explain to the injured plaintiff what types of questions will be asked at the deposition and help prepare him or her for the manner in which to respond.

The Scene of the Accident

Particular attention will be focused on the place where the slip and fall occurred. The victim will be asked if he or she has returned to that place since the accident and if so, with whom, under what circumstances and what took place at that time. Additionally, it will be asked if the scene was inspected or examined by anyone else at any time. Again, if an inspection did occur, the details will be explored.

Preparation for the Deposition

Opposing counsel will typically ask the plaintiff how he or she prepared for the deposition, often focusing on what documents were used. In this regard, the plaintiff will be asked to produce those documents, and counsel will inquire as to whether there are any other relevant documents that have not been produced.

Any Other Evidence

The other party’s lawyer will typically explore whether any other witness, document, photo or any other type of evidence exists that has not been produced that can shed any light on the facts and circumstances relevant to the accident.

Contact a Renton Slip and Fall Lawyer for Legal Advice

Understanding the process involved in a personal injury case is important in maximizing one’s recovery. For any questions in your case, call Edward K. Le, Attorney at Law, at (425) 336-2255.

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Renton Car Accident Lawyer Explains Your Role in the Lawsuit Process

Renton Personal Injury Lawyer | Moderately Severe & Severe PainThe process of a lawsuit involves a number of steps, some of which may occur without your direct involvement. Although every case is different, personal injury lawsuits generally involve a series of court procedures, requests for documents and the gathering of statements and testimony. Your Renton car accident lawyer will guide you in what you have to do during the process.

Generally, a lawsuit will involve the following steps:

1. After investigating and preparing for a suit, your lawyer will prepare a Summons and Complaint, which simply means that he or she will file the claim in court.

2. The Summons and Complaint is served to the defendant, which is the individual or entity responsible for your injuries. You will be called the plaintiff.

3. Next, the insurance company will hire a defense lawyer who will file an Answer to the Complaint. The Answer typically denies the extent of your injuries and the defendant’s responsibility for them. The Answer may also pursue other individuals who may be responsible for your injuries.

4. The discovery process is when both sides will try to gather information from each other.

At this point you will become involved in the process, which can include:

a. Interrogatories, which are questions requiring written answers.

b. Depositions, which is oral testimony in front of attorneys and a court reporter. The court reporter will transcribe the questions and answers.

c. Lawyers will request documents including medical reports, medical bills and witness statements.

d. Requests for admission – a process requiring parties to admit facts that aren’t being disputed.

5. Motions in court and other pretrial procedures will be conducted to prepare for trial.

6. Other trial preparations, which might include doctor video depositions, briefs, witness meetings and more.

The Importance of Your Role

Much of a trial occurs behind the scenes, but as a plaintiff, you will play a foremost role during certain actions. It’s crucial to follow the guidance and instructions you receive from your Renton car accident attorney when requested to participate.

As an injury victim, you need guidance and legal support from a qualified lawyer. Take your first step by calling (425) 336-2255 to speak with a Renton car accident lawyer at Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law.

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Helping Your Injury Attorney Obtain a Fair Settlement

To develop a persuasive case, your personal injury attorney needs your assistance. This video explains what is required.

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Renton Personal Injury Lawyers Describe How Insurance Companies View Claims

Renton Personal Injury Lawyer | How Insurance Companies View ClaimsAs part of providing you with informed information, your Renton personal injury lawyer may explain how insurance companies commonly view personal injury claims.

Taking a Case to Trial

Some insurance companies are not intimidated by the thought of taking a case to trial. When the insurance company compares the price of defending a small claim with the less probable award of a large verdict, it may decide it is worth the cost. Your Renton personal injury lawyer can explain that insurance companies do not want to give the impression that they will settle claims simply to avoid litigation.

Closing Files

Your Renton personal injury attorney can also explain that insurance companies do have a vested interest in closing files. However, they will not do this at the expense of settling claims for more than they are worth. An adjuster will not wish to compromise the value of a claim for the simple convenience of having a closed file. Every adjuster has to justify settlements to one or more supervisors as part of the process. Likewise, senior adjusters or claims managers also have to justify it to the next person up the ladder. Not being able to provide documentation and justification for a settlement could jeopardize the employment of the adjuster or manager, so he or she will not be willing to settle claims simply to close files.

Legal Assistance

A Renton personal injury attorney can help provide the documentation that an insurance company needs to settle a case. For more information on this matter, contact Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law by calling (425) 336-2255.

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Four Important Tips On How To Be A Good Witness

Personal Injury Lawyer In Renton | How To Be A Good WitnessTaking the stand in front of a judge or jury can be intimidating for anyone. When preparing to testify at your personal injury trial, consider these tips from a personal injury lawyer in Renton:

• Don’t rush to answer questions from the opposing counsel or from your lawyer as quickly as possible. Listen carefully to the question and take a second to think about your answer before you begin. It is OK to consider your answer rather than say the first thing that comes to mind and risk getting caught in an exaggeration or misstatement.
• Don’t answer a question unless you are sure you know the answer. If you don’t know the answer, don’t look to your personal injury lawyer in Renton to provide it for you. It is OK to admit that you don’t know something, but it is not OK to appear as if you need your lawyer to tell you what to say.
• Don’t put on a show or engage in theatrics. It may seem frustrating to put up with the questions of the opposing side, but keep calm regardless. Losing your temper looks bad no matter how strong your case is. By contrast, remaining calm under pressure will make you look more sympathetic to the jury and reinforce the fact that you are telling the truth.
• Make eye contact with the jurors. Think about the trial as if you are telling your story to a close friend and need them to believe you.

For more information on how to testify at a personal injury trial, talk to a personal injury lawyer in Renton at Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law. Call (425) 336-2255.

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A Renton Slip and Fall Lawyer Explains How Medical Bills are Paid

Renton Slip And Fall Lawyer | How Medical Bills Are PaidWhy aren’t my medical bills paid automatically by the insurer?

While it may seem logical for the person or insurer for the person who caused your injury to pay your medical bills as they are incurred, most insurance companies will not automatically pay medical bills. There are many reasons why this is the case. For example, an insurance company does not want to pay out a substantial sum for medical expenses, only to face a lawsuit in civil court at a later date.

Instead, the majority of insurance companies prefer to settle claims with one payment or sum. With this in mind, most insurers wait for a letter of demand from a Renton slip and fall lawyer. After the letter is received, the insurer will then attempt to settle the case with a single payment.

Will medical service providers wait for payment until my case is settled?

If it is not possible for you to pay your medical bills as they are incurred, the hospital, other medical facilities and doctors will wait for payment until your case is settled or for your court verdict. However, you should let your medical providers know as soon as possible if you are unable to pay for your medical expenses.

Will my lawyer make sure that my medical bills are paid?

In most cases, your lawyer will withhold funds from the court verdict or settlement to pay for your medical expenses. In order for this to happen, your medical service providers may require you to sign a form, known as either a lien or subrogation form, which allows your attorney to pay your medical bills using funds from the settlement.

Legal advice from a Renton slip and fall lawyer

If you have a slip and fall claim that you would like to discuss with a lawyer, please call the office of Edward K. Le, Attorneys at Law at (425) 336-2255.

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Independent Medical Examinations

Personal Injury Lawyer In Renton | Independent Medical ExaminationsAs part of the discovery process, your personal injury lawyer in Renton can explain that the defendant can request that you undergo an independent medical examination. Personal injury lawyers in Renton may offer the following suggestions.

Choose the Doctor

Ask your personal injury lawyer in Renton if you can choose the doctor who will perform this examination. Your attorney may be able to negotiate the selection. In some cases, personal injury lawyers in Renton may ask the insurance companies for a list of independent doctors and may then select one from this list. Your attorney can discuss each potential doctor’s history of fair assessment with you and other attorneys to get a better idea about who should serve in this capacity. However, if the selection is later in the process, your attorney may not have as much flexibility in this regard.

Preparation Tips

Your personal injury lawyer in Renton may offer a variety of suggestions about how you should prepare for this part of your case. For example, he or she may review your medical history with you so that you are prepared to answer questions about any previous injuries or illnesses from which you have suffered. Additionally, your attorney may help you prepare a brief summary of important dates in case you have trouble remembering this information. It is important that your medical history be consistent with other parts of the record of the case, such as police reports, information given to emergency personnel and information that you provide to your own healthcare provider.

Contact Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at (425) 336-2255 for more information.

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Reasons Settlements Decrease in Value

Personal Injury Lawyer In Renton | Settlements Decrease in ValueWhile a personal injury lawyer in Renton will strive to get you the best settlement offer for your case, he or she may discuss a few factors that can decrease the value in your case.

Financial Duress

Renton personal injury lawyers can explain that the value of claims go down when claimants are in immediate need of funds. In order to get a vehicle back on the road or to pay off medical bills, a plaintiff may accept a lower settlement.

Terminal Illness

Insurance adjusters may inquire into the health of the claimant. If he or she is terminally ill, the insurance company may offer a lower amount if the claimant is likely not to survive lengthy litigation.

Attractiveness in Front of a Jury

A personal injury lawyer in Renton can explain that how a particular plaintiff appears in front of the jury is directly related to the settlement value. If the plaintiff is wealthy, has a criminal history or has a job not respected by the community, the value of the claim will decrease.

Internal Policies

Renton personal injury lawyers can also explain that some insurance adjusters attempt to decrease the value of the claim by relying on internal policies. Additionally, a personal injury lawyer in Renton can explain that insurance adjusters may claim that certain damages are not covered as part of the insurance coverage while this information may not be accurate.

For more information about factors that can affect the value of a claim, contact Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at (425) 336-2255.

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