The First Meeting with Your Personal Injury Attorney

Most people who seek legal counsel for a personal injury case have little or no experience with attorneys. They are often anxious. Much of this is due to not knowing quite what to expect. The following should provide you with a basic understanding of what will happen in the first meeting with your personal injury lawyer Renton WA.

Make Sure to Come Prepared

When you make the appointment it is likely that your personal injury attorneys will ask you to bring certain items and come prepared mentally. You should gather together all documents pertinent to your case and bring them along. It is useful also to create a brief timeline of the events relevant to your accident. Also, before your meeting try to recount in your mind the events of the accident. This way they will be fresh in your mind when you meet.

It is important that you have in mind what outcome you would like. In other words, what sort of settlement would you consider to be agreeable? Make sure that the goal you have is attainable.

You should also make a list of questions and concerns you wish to have answered. Among questions that may be important to you are: • What are your rates?

  • Are there additional costs I will be expected to pay?
  • What strategy are you going to use to handle my case?
  • Will other people in the office also be working on my case?

The Meeting

Consider the first meeting as an interview. You are interviewing your attorney, and he is interviewing you. You will both want to know whether a comfort level will exist between the two of you sufficient to making this a workable attorney-client relationship. Remember that your attorney can only help you to the degree that you are honest about your case. If it has weaknesses, tell him. Make sure to describe the events of the accident as clearly and accurately as possible.

Your lawyer may ask background questions, and these will be important to your case. Once the meeting is over you and your attorney will decide whether to proceed. Assuming the answer is yes, your attorney will present you with a retainer agreement. Make sure you understand it completely before signing, for it delineates the obligations both of you have toward each other, as well as how much will be charged.

It is normal for a personal injury attorney to work on a contingency basis. This means that he will not receive payment unless/until you win, and a percentage of your compensation will go to your attorney. You should not have to pay a retainer. Keep in mind, though, that filing fees and other court costs are your responsibility to pay, regardless of the outcome of your case.

We May Be Able to Help You

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