Renton Personal Injury Lawyers Describe How Insurance Companies View Claims

Renton Personal Injury Lawyer | How Insurance Companies View ClaimsAs part of providing you with informed information, your Renton personal injury lawyer may explain how insurance companies commonly view personal injury claims.

Taking a Case to Trial

Some insurance companies are not intimidated by the thought of taking a case to trial. When the insurance company compares the price of defending a small claim with the less probable award of a large verdict, it may decide it is worth the cost. Your Renton personal injury lawyer can explain that insurance companies do not want to give the impression that they will settle claims simply to avoid litigation.

Closing Files

Your Renton personal injury attorney can also explain that insurance companies do have a vested interest in closing files. However, they will not do this at the expense of settling claims for more than they are worth. An adjuster will not wish to compromise the value of a claim for the simple convenience of having a closed file. Every adjuster has to justify settlements to one or more supervisors as part of the process. Likewise, senior adjusters or claims managers also have to justify it to the next person up the ladder. Not being able to provide documentation and justification for a settlement could jeopardize the employment of the adjuster or manager, so he or she will not be willing to settle claims simply to close files.

Legal Assistance

A Renton personal injury attorney can help provide the documentation that an insurance company needs to settle a case. For more information on this matter, contact Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law by calling (425) 336-2255.

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