Wrongful Death Cases: Two Important Things to Know

Personal Injury Lawyer in Renton If you are considering filing a wrongful death claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Renton, you should understand how insurers evaluate such cases. The value of the claim will depend on several factors.

Age of the Deceased

Wrongful death claims are based in part on the lost wage-earning period for the deceased. As such, life expectancy is a factor, and the younger the decedent, the longer the period that your Renton personal injury attorney will argue has been lost in wages. A decedent who died young and with few work skills and without a stable career will be harder to establish the lost wage period for. Although elderly people have shorter life expectancies ahead of them, they have usually attained a certain level of job skills and career goals, which gives them a higher wage rate than younger people. In short, the question of future earnings projections is one of the most difficult questions to evaluate in wrongful death claims.

Marital Status

In most jurisdictions, a spousal claim for wrongful death can only come from a person legally married to the decedent. However, in some jurisdictions, common law spouses are recognized and allowed recovery if the parties represented themselves as husband and wife and lived together. There are some jurisdictions where same-sex partners are recognized for claims of loss of partners. Ask your personal injury lawyer in Renton for more information on how spousal status will be determined.

For more information on how to pursue a wrongful death claim, consult a personal injury lawyer in Renton. Call Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at (425) 336-2255.

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