What Makes A Good Attorney

Renton personal injury lawyerA good Renton personal injury lawyer will rely on his communication skills and advanced settlement techniques to resolve your case.


A high caliber Renton personal injury lawyer will effectively communicate to the claims adjuster the following information.

  1. The theory of liability, unless it is self explanatory.
  2. Every documentation concerning allegations of monetary damages.
  3. If necessary, a “current” realistic evaluation of your injury claim and a “basis” for the opinion.

Using innovative settlement techniques

For instance, your attorney can use a video showing your life in an average day. A claims adjuster may get a better understanding of your case after watching the video.

Resolving disputes without trial

The Renton personal injury law firm you hired knows that a trial can be very expensive. Therefore, you attorney will seek other means to resolve the case, such as the selection of professional mediators and arbitrators who are widely used in today’s marketplace.

Productive relationship with the claims representative

A good personal injury lawyer will make an effort to meet with a claims representative at either the claims department or other agreed upon locations. This is not something the insurance company will encourage, since the amount of claims the adjuster can handle will be reduced if he leaves the office to adjust a claim.

But by meeting with you or your attorney, the adjuster has more chances to learn about your case and make a fair evaluation. Two individuals exchanging ideas and having productive conversation while facing one another can help clear any obstacles that stand in the way of settlement.

If you were injured in an accident, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. For a free initial consultation with an experienced Renton personal injury lawyer, please call the law offices of Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at 1-(425) 336-2255.

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