What the Insurance Company Is Doing About Your Claim

Renton Personal Injury Lawyer	After you notify your Renton personal injury lawyer and the insurance company of the person who caused your accident about your claim, the insurer will set up a file for your case. They will also assign an insurance claims adjuster to handle your claim and conduct an investigation if necessary.

The Role of the Adjuster

The adjuster who has your file will primarily maintain contact with your Renton Personal Injury Lawyer. If there is any doubt as to the critical questions in your claim, they will perform an investigation with the goal of determining who was at fault for the incident, and specifically whether you were at fault at for your own injuries. This concept is referred to as contributory or comparative negligence. If you are partially liable, that will reduce the value of your case.

The adjuster will also contact potential witnesses who can give statements about what happened and request any police reports, DMV reports and other investigative reports pertaining to the incident.

What the Adjuster Needs

The claims adjuster will want to see any medical reports and records pertaining to your injury as well as all of your medical bills and hospital bills. Additionally, you will need to provide documentation of lost wages or income due to your injuries. It is important for you and your Renton personal injury attorney to maintain an accurate record of all expenses you incur related to the incident.

If you have questions about your personal injury claim, contact a Renton personal injury lawyer. Call Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at (425) 336-2255.

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