The Trial Process With Your Renton Personal Injury Lawyer

Renton personal injury lawyerA knowledgeable Renton personal injury lawyer will guide you through every step of the trial process. Seek legal representation as soon as possible.

Your Renton Personal Injury Lawyer Will Explain the Trial Format

If your case is simple, then the trial process will likely use a specific format. Your Renton personal injury lawyer is aware that your expectation of a trial might be shaped by television court dramas and will set the record straight. The following is the anticipated course of your trial, with some variations depending on the jurisdiction.

  1. The judge will start the trial by summoning the lawyers, clients and potential jurors into the courtroom;
  2. Afterwards, a jury selection process referred to as “voir dire” will occur. Some states allow the lawyers to ask questions to prospective jurors prior to jury selection. If this applies to your case, the lawyers will be able to gauge any possible bias or unfairness from prospective jurors. In other states, the judge will question the prospective jurors;
  3. Jury selection will follow. Jurors will be called by lottery fashion, and some will be excluded by the lawyers for a number of reasons;
  4. Following the completion of jury selection, generally consisting of 6 or 8 people, the lawyers will make opening statements. The opening statements are usually less than 30 minutes and are intended to briefly summarize the case for the jury so they can have a general understanding of the case;
  5. When opening statements are concluded, your Renton personal injury attorney will present your case by calling you and witnesses, anyone who can testify about the accident or your injuries, such as your doctor, employer, families or acquaintances, to the witness stand to conduct direct examination;
  6. After your Renton personal injury attorney is done with the direct examination, it will be the defendant lawyer’s turn to cross examine you and the other witnesses; and
  7. At the completion of cross-examination, your Renton personal injury lawyer can ask more questions to the witness. This is referred to as a re-direct examination.

If you injured in an accident, you should consult with a lawyer about whether you can obtain compensation for your injuries. For a free initial consultation with an experienced Renton personal injury lawyer, please call the law offices of Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at 1 (425) 336-2255.

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