A Renton Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Prejudicial Statements

Renton Personal Injury Lawyer	In this blog, a Renton personal injury lawyer explains that although insurance adjusters may use your statements against you, there are things your lawyer can do to prevent this.

Check for Accuracy
The first priority for your Renton personal injury attorney is to ascertain that the statement contains complete and correct information. A report taken by a transcriptionist may be paraphrased and important points misstated, inadvertently omitted or intentionally left out.

If this is the case, your Renton personal injury lawyer will, after recording your statement verbatim, compare it with the statement taken by the adjuster. Your attorney can then pinpoint any and all discrepancies and annotate any instance in which the phraseology was altered for the benefit of the adjuster.

Document Any Issues
If any of the following issues or procedural errors exist, your Renton personal injury attorney will make the appropriate notations:

  • The adjuster took your statement prior to the verification of the extent of your injuries;
  • You were never told that this statement could be introduced to your detriment, nor were you informed that the adjuster was taking this statement for his employer’s benefit rather than yours. The fact that you have the right to counsel was never explained to you prior to elicitation of the statement;
  • Your words were paraphrased, possibly by the adjuster for the benefit of the insurer, instead of recorded exactly as you spoke them;
  • The transcriptionist was not a court reporter or disinterested party, nor was he or she sworn in; and
  • Neither you nor your Renton personal injury lawyer had access to the defendant in order to take his or her statement.

You Have Recourse
Your Renton personal injury lawyer is here to help you. Call Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at (425) 336-2255 today.

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