Your Renton Personal Injury Law Firm on General Damages

Renton Personal Injury Law Firm General damages in a personal injury case are awarded as a result of pain and suffering. Your Renton personal injury law firm can explain how these damages are calculated and what information the insurance company will require.

Documenting Pain and Suffering
The best way to show the degree of your pain and suffering is through your medical records. These records should contain detailed information about your symptoms, severity and duration of your pain and any treatment or medications prescribed. If your injury will result in permanent damage or disfigurement, it will be important for your doctor to make note of this in your medical record.

Proving Damages
The insurance company will require proof of any lost wages that resulted from your pain and suffering. Your employer will likely be required to provide written evidence of the time you missed due to your injury and the amount of wages that were lost. In addition, the insurance company will want proof of any future pain and suffering you are expected to endure. Your doctor will be expected to provide his professional opinion to this end.

Moving Forward with Your Claim
After an injury it is best to contact your Renton personal injury lawyer attorney right away for advice on how to proceed. To speak with a representative from Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law, call (425) 336-2255 today.

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