Renton Personal Injury Attorney

Renton personal injury attorneyAt Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law, we believe that clients should receive the best possible representation in their legal matter. We know that you are an individual with your own personal needs. Our Renton personal injury attorney will develop a unique case strategy that works toward an effective resolution of your legal problem. We will draw upon our years of experience and provide you with forward moving ideas that also incorporate your own valuable input in the case.

Renton Personal Injury Lawyer Who Works for You

Our goal is do what you have hired us to accomplish, whether we work to obtain an agreeable settlement or take your case to trial. Although we have a track record of seven-figure outcomes, we want our clients to be satisfied with the outcome of their case.

Handling the Tough Cases

We have the background and resources to handle cases with the toughest opponents, such as the government, large businesses and insurance companies. Our Renton personal injury attorneys provide you with commitment, compassion, and the legal knowledge to represent you with persistent determination, no matter how small or complicated the case. Even if another attorney has refused to take your case, we will discuss your options with you. We handle most cases on a contingency basis, which means we are only paid if you win.

Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law offers an initial consultation for interested clients at no cost. Call our Renton personal injury attorneys today at (425) 336-2255 so that we can begin working on your case.

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