Negative Factors of Personal Injury Cases

Renton personal injury lawyerAs your Renton personal injury lawyer works through your case and especially during the discovery process, he or she will discuss potential negative factors that may adversely affect your case. Read below for factors that may negatively affect your case and how your Renton personal injury lawyer can minimize their effect.

Previous Experience

If you have previous experience with litigation and if your experience was not a positive one, the insurance carrier may try to dispose of your case for a low settlement amount. For example, if the insurance adjuster knows that you went to trial and the jury ruled in favor of the defendant, he or she may try to convince you that it is better for you to quickly resolve the case so that the same thing does not occur. Even if you did wind up with a jury award or settlement in your previous case, the insurance adjuster may try to convince you to settle the case for an amount that is discounted by the amount you had to provide your previous attorney. He or she may argue that it is better for you to collect a portion of what you are entitled to today than to wait for a few years for a larger amount that is divided between you and your Renton personal injury lawyer.

Not Mitigating

Renton personal injury attorneys can discuss your legal duty in the case. For example, you are required to mitigate your damages. If you did not seek medical attention immediately, the insurance adjuster may try to argue that you aggravated your own condition and the insurance company should not be held responsible for your medical bills that resulted.

Your Own Liability

Even if you think that it is clear that the other person was responsible for the accident, Renton personal injury attorneys can explain that a common insurance company tactic is to blame you for all or part of the accident. The company will then try to reduce your settlement figure by the portion of the accident that you were responsible for.

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