Moderately Severe and Severe Pain

Renton Personal Injury Lawyer | Moderately Severe & Severe PainOne of the most important aspects of your case that your Renton personal injury lawyer will explain to you is the ability for you to be able to describe the pain that you endured. In many situations, Renton personal injury attorneys assist clients who have experienced moderately severe or severe pain.

Moderately Severe Pain

Renton personal injury attorneys can explain that moderately severe pain is that which is characterized by being present most of the day and that has an intensity level of 9 or 10. Individuals who are impacted by this level of pain may be able to perform activities of daily living, but they may require significant modifications. Otherwise, they may not be able to perform routine activities. Additionally, individuals with this type of pain likely show moderate to severe distress when responding to the pain and likely take pain medication to help treat the pain on a normal basis. The victim will likely demonstrate severe limitations related to the pain when a healthcare provider conducts a physical examination. Additionally, it can be difficult for the healthcare provider to perform such an exam, and the results of the exam may be hard to interpret. The healthcare provider who is conducting the exam will likely observe pain behaviors during the physical exam.

Severe Pain

A Renton personal injury lawyer can explain that severe pain is that which is normally 9 or 10 consistently throughout the day. An individual suffering from this level of pain usually requires assistance from friends, family or others to assist with basic tasks such as eating, preparing food, bathing and grooming. These tasks may take longer than usual. The victim shows severe distress in relation to pain. Additionally, he or she may report that he or she cannot bear the pain. Individuals with this type of pain usually require extensive doses of medication and treatment for the pain. This treatment is usually ongoing. A healthcare provider may not be able to perform the physical examination on a patient experiencing this type of pain due to the intolerance for the activity required during the exam.

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