An Injury Attorney In Renton Discusses Wrongful Insurance Denials

injury attorney in RentonSimply because an insurer denies a claim does not mean they were right in doing so. In the following paragraphs, a skilled injury attorney in Renton looks at this scenario.

Wrongful Denial
It is an unfortunate truth that insurers can and do issue improper denial letters if they do not believe in the justice of the claimant’s case. Since claimants tend to take the insurance company’s word that the denial is fair, these letters should be scrutinized by an experienced injury attorney in Renton to determine the appropriateness of the denial.

Clues Your Injury Lawyer in Renton Will Watch for
An improper denial letter usually exhibits features that can tell an experienced injury attorney in Renton that the denial is suspect. Some of these are:

  • •The denial lacks reference to specific provisions in the policy;
  • •The letter justifies the denial using wording that the policy does not contain;
  • •The policies on which the insurer bases the denial are not provided to the policy holder;
  • •No supporting data is reflected in the letter;
  • •Conditions, policy exclusions or provisions are quoted in the letter that have nothing to do with the claim;
  • •After issuing the denial, the insurer demands that their right to further argument be upheld;
  • •Despite the intent to deny, the insurer demands additional data that may be exercised against the policyholder at a later date;
  • •No meeting is held between the insurer, the policyholder or the injury lawyer in Renton, and extraneous demands for additional data are contained in the case file; and
  • •Claiming that the client filled out the insurance application incorrectly or misstated information, the insurance company attempts to repudiate the policy completely while in the process of denying the claim.

Don’t Take Chances
Your injury attorney in Renton has the experience, expertise and training to help you avoid these traps. Call Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at 425-336-2255 today and protect yourself.

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