Independent Medical Examinations

Personal Injury Lawyer In Renton | Independent Medical ExaminationsAs part of the discovery process, your personal injury lawyer in Renton can explain that the defendant can request that you undergo an independent medical examination. Personal injury lawyers in Renton may offer the following suggestions.

Choose the Doctor

Ask your personal injury lawyer in Renton if you can choose the doctor who will perform this examination. Your attorney may be able to negotiate the selection. In some cases, personal injury lawyers in Renton may ask the insurance companies for a list of independent doctors and may then select one from this list. Your attorney can discuss each potential doctor’s history of fair assessment with you and other attorneys to get a better idea about who should serve in this capacity. However, if the selection is later in the process, your attorney may not have as much flexibility in this regard.

Preparation Tips

Your personal injury lawyer in Renton may offer a variety of suggestions about how you should prepare for this part of your case. For example, he or she may review your medical history with you so that you are prepared to answer questions about any previous injuries or illnesses from which you have suffered. Additionally, your attorney may help you prepare a brief summary of important dates in case you have trouble remembering this information. It is important that your medical history be consistent with other parts of the record of the case, such as police reports, information given to emergency personnel and information that you provide to your own healthcare provider.

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