How To Prove Fault In A Case After A Car Accident

Proving who is at fault is one of the most important aspects of the job for your Renton car accident attorney.

Official Information Is Useful To Proving Fault

There are many times that there is clear fault in an accident. If a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian did something careless, it is not a problem deducing who was at fault in the crash. However, it is useful to have information that is considered “official” as to why the other party was at fault.

Police Reports Can Be Helpful To A Case

When there is an accident, it is likely that the police will come to investigate. This is especially true if someone was hurt. They will, in turn, write an accident report. You are entitled to receive a copy of this report. It is wise to do so as you move forward with your case. In some cases, the police report will have a clear opinion if a driver was breaking a traffic law and it led to the accident. The police might even cite the driver. No matter what, if there was a violation or incident with reckless driving, it can be a solid foundation for proving fault.

Traffic Law Violations Might Show Fault

Every state has traffic laws. These are frequently referred to as the “Vehicle Code.” In many instances, it was a driver breaking those laws that led to the crash. The Department of Motor Vehicles will usually have a basic version of the traffic laws known as “The Rules of the Road.” You can also find the vehicle code at the public or law library.

Cases With “No-Doubt” Liability

Some accidents leave little to no doubt as to who is at fault. A rear-end accident and a left-turn accident are two examples of this. If you are hit from behind, it is almost never viewed to be your fault no matter why you stopped. Safe driving dictates that a vehicle be able to stop if the vehicle in front of it stops. Anything less is seen as unsafe driving.

Remember that there might be a case of “comparative negligence.” If you have acted carelessly and it contributed to or caused the accident, comparative negligence could be possible. When it comes to left-turn accidents, a car that is turning left will generally be liable for an accident with a car that was going straight in the opposite direction. There are exceptions to this, but they are hard to prove.

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