Learn How an Adjuster Works From Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Renton

personal injury lawyer in Renton	The primary goal of an insurance adjuster is to avoid paying out a claim. That’s good for the insurance company, but not so good for your interests. This is why you need to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer in Renton if you become involved in an accident. As you work closely with your attorney to file your claim, you’ll come to understand how an adjuster works. With the help of that personal injury attorney in Renton, you might be able to avoid all the adjuster stalling tactics.

Time Lag

As your personal injury lawyer in Renton will inform you, the time lag between the accident and you actually seeking medical help could become an issue. The reasoning goes that if you didn’t see a doctor right away, your injuries weren’t all that serious. Your attorney can combat that argument by having you explain in detail your reasons for the delay. Hopefully, you sought attention immediately after the accident and can document those medical records.

Prior Claims

Your personal injury lawyer in Renton will need to know about any type of prior claim you’ve made against an insurance company. The adjuster in your current case will certainly be scrutinizing those records to see if you classify as a “professional claimant.” An experienced personal injury attorney in Renton can point out that the injuries in a previous claim are unrelated to your current situation. For instance, if you hurt your ankle in an accident and now it is your back that is strained, that would be solid defense.

Follow the Lead of Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Renton

It is important that you follow the lead of your personal injury lawyer in Renton and provide them will all the pertinent details of your case. This includes a complete medical history. The lawyers working for Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law have a proven track record of success in handling these types of cases. Call their offices today at (425) 336-2255 to discuss your potential claim.

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