Emotional And Physical Injuries After An Accident

For those who have suffered an injury and it was due to the negligent acts or behaviors of another party, the after effects can be physical and emotional. A personal injury lawyer Renton WA can assist you whether you have physical problems, emotional problems, or both.

Understanding Emotional And Physical Injuries And How They Can Be Linked

While physical injuries are more clear to the naked eye, emotional injuries can be just as debilitating and severe, if not more. A broken bone can heal. A cut can be stitched up. Emotional issues that you have suffered after an incident or accident can be longer lasting and, in a great many ways, more significant. They might take a certain amount of time to manifest themselves.

There are many different ways in which emotional injuries can show themselves. They include having nightmares, experiencing anxiety, being unable to concentrate, having social anxiety, feeling depressed, feeling sorrow and anguish, post-traumatic stress disorder otherwise known as PTSD, flashbacks to the incident, and obsessive fears. This list encompasses the vast number of emotional problems you might experience if you were in an accident.

How Emotional Distress Is Defined By The Law

When a person is suffering from emotional distress, the law has two different forms for which it will be recognized. They hinge on how the injury happened and whether it was due to an intentional act or negligence of the other party. The majority of claims that are made are due to negligent acts that lead to emotional distress and the same way the victim suffered from the physical injuries. Some of these injuries occur intentionally. It’s possible that the emotional distress occurred intentionally or the acts were so egregiously obvious that they were dangerous that the person who committed the act should have known that the emotional damage would have been a result.

How Emotional Distress Can Be Proved

When you are experiencing emotional distress, the court will try to determine if your emotional distress has led to physical issues. The physical problems – trouble sleeping, losing hair, throwing up, having headaches, panic attacks, difficulty eating – can all be viewed as stemming from the emotional problems. If you are experiencing these problems, the court must understand what you’re dealing with and how it came about.

Contact An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney In Renton

If you’ve been injured in an accident or incident as a result of another’s negligence and the injuries are not just physical, but emotional as well, it’s important to seek legal assistance. Call personal injury attorney in Renton Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at (425) 336-2255 to discuss your case today.