Elements that May Catch an Adjuster’s Attention

injury lawyer in rentonInsurance adjusters are trained to be suspicious of specific case elements that may indicate dishonest claimants and lawyers. Therefore, a qualified and knowledgeable injury lawyer in Renton will do his or her best to avoid or minimize certain actions that may cast doubt upon the legitimacy of a client’s personal injury case.


An Injury Lawyer in Renton May Need to Defend His or Her Experts 
Medical professionals like paramedics and doctors can provide key testimony during a personal injury case as they typically possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that make them credible expert witnesses for the prosecution.


However, this thorough knowledge of injuries and the personal injury system make them more susceptible to claims adjuster suspicion. If an adjuster believes that an injury attorney in Renton is presenting witnesses who simply know what to say to win a personal injury case, he or she will consider that a red flag in the case.


Union Members and Civil Servants Are Not Above Suspicion
Claims adjusters will also make it a point to investigate the credibility of any union members and civil servants involved in personal injury cases. It is not unheard of for an adjuster to suspect an injury lawyer in Renton of incentivizing a witness’s testimony in order to build a strong case.


Seek Out the Most Qualified Assistant
If you’ve been injured and now need help presenting your case to a suspicious claims adjuster, it only makes sense to seek a capable and practiced injury lawyer in Renton. Don’t wait to contact Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law now at (425) 336-2255.

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