Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“Mr. Le is a very good attorney. He took my case after another attorney referred me to him. He worked very hard on my case, always making sure to call me back, deal with my doctor’s office, and help me fight the insurance company to get me the treatment I needed. There were times when I almost gave up but he encourage me to hang in. Even after the case settled, he kept working with me to help deal with my health insurance company. This is the guy you want to hire. Phone: 425-336-2255 I am very glad I have met and had Mr. Le helping me on my case. So, yes, I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a Lawyer.” – Posted on by Fernando P.


“Mr. Le is a very good attorney. He kept me informed every step of my case. I hired him because the insurance company offered me a piddle offer that was not even enough to pay my medical bills, saying that my injuries were soft tissue and were not worth much. That was insulting to me because I had to work in pain every day and I couldn’t even play with my kids. After Mr. Le was on board, he got me twenty times the amount that they offered. We went to mediation and he did not budge from the maximum demand. His paralegal Thea is great to work with as well.” – Posted on Frank Y.


“I was injured in a work-related injury in 2009 and secured counsel.  I realized that my attorney at the time was doing nothing.  I had a friend recommend Ed’s law firm and things moved ahead quickly.  I can honestly say that Ed cares about his clients.  In court, he is like a pit bull who has tasted blood.  He is the best attorney and will be recommended by me to anyone and everyone who needs an attorney in his field in the state of Washington. Ed checked up on me, was always in constant contact with me at every step of my case.  Ed never left me wondering what was happening next, he always explained everything to me.  I had a confident attorney who knew what he was doing.  He is very strategic and will work for the best outcome in each and every case that he is involved in. If I had to have an attorney for life, it would definitely be Edward Le, and he is great at what he does.” – Posted on Google by Tawala L.


“I was hit by a large truck, and was almost completely disabled for months. My case went nowhere with my previous attorney. A coworker recommended me to Edward and I switched to him. I am glad that I did. Ed is very aggressive and professional in court but very caring to his clients. He listens to what you want, not want he thinks you need. He gave me options and he explained the risks and benefits of it. He prepared me for everything such as depositions, discovery, court, and mediation. He is respectful to me and my family and also spent a lot of personal time with us. I will refer people to him and are currently referring him; I highly respect him and recommend his services.” – Posted on Google by Bryan T.


“Searching for a new lawyer online, I found Edward K. Le on a “WA St Top 50” lawyers’ list. Surrounded by a great caring supporting cast, he makes sure you feel like family when working with you.  He’s generous and courteous, but also has that passion and heart that is expected from a great lawyer. Pays very close attention to detail and stayed organized and prepared throughout my whole experience. I felt and still feel confident that he is one of the best lawyers you’ll hire in the general Puget Sound region.” – Posted on Google by Alex T.


“I got injured in a pretty bad accident. My doctor diagnosed me with a herniated disc. I hired Edward after my doctor recommended him and said that other patients had great results and experience working with Edward. I am happy to report that Edward exceeded my expectation. He not only fought hard to get the insurance company to treat me fairly, he was responsive and communicative with me through the whole process. He speaks fast sometimes because he gets really enthusiastic about his case. But that’s what I want from my lawyer. In the end, I got 50 times the amount the insurance company originally offered me. Even better, I was able to use the money to help fund the rehabilitation that I needed.” – Posted on Google by Hannah G.

“I got clock by an 18 wheeler. I was laid up in the ER for four days. My doctor said I had a concussion. Insurance Company said it was nothing. They made me a crappy offer. I hired Ed. Two years later, I got 200 times what they originally offered. More importantly, I got justice, which was more important than the money.” – Posted on Avvo by a Former Client


“Both Ed and his office are trustworthy, knowledgeable, super quick to respond to any e-mails/ phone calls, and was always keeping me up to date. While I hope I never have to see his office again, if I do I know they will welcome me back with open arms and do all that they can.” – Posted on Avvo by a Former Client


“I was hurt after falling on my job. I talked to 3 attorneys. No attorney wanted to take my case because they thought my employer couldn’t be sued. Edward took on my case knowing the difficulty involved. He investigated the case like a pit bull and left no stone unturned. He eventually sued the product manufacturer responsible for causing me to fall. It took a few years but the company finally settled after taking responsibility. I couldn’t believe it. Seeing how hard this man works, I can tell you without a doubt that this man is the best attorney I ever knew. He is a truly outstanding lawyer in every sense of the word.” – Posted on Avvo by a Former Client


“I am a former client of Ed. I can personally attest that all of the great reviews about him on this website, martindale, and other lawyer review websites exactly mirror my observations about him. He is honest to a fault and delivers everything that he said he would do. In my case, I suffered a permanent back injury and the insurance company blamed it on degenerative disc conditions after forcing me to go through the wringer with their paid experts. My other attorney basically agreed with them and urged me to settle cheap. Ed took over and fought hard. I eventually recover enough to take care of all my future medical expenses. I admit that there were times when I was frustrated by the whole legal process and wanted to give up. Ed listened and was patient with me. He promised that he would give it his all to get me justice. He delivered. I can’t thank him enough.” – Posted on Avvo by a Former Client