A Renton Slip & Fall Lawyer on Issues Covered at Deposition

As part of the discovery process in a personal injury lawsuit, each party is provided the opportunity to learn what the other party knows about the incident that led to the filing of the claim. A Renton slip and fall lawyer can explain to the injured plaintiff what types of questions will be asked at the deposition and help prepare him or her for the manner in which to respond.

The Scene of the Accident

Particular attention will be focused on the place where the slip and fall occurred. The victim will be asked if he or she has returned to that place since the accident and if so, with whom, under what circumstances and what took place at that time. Additionally, it will be asked if the scene was inspected or examined by anyone else at any time. Again, if an inspection did occur, the details will be explored.

Preparation for the Deposition

Opposing counsel will typically ask the plaintiff how he or she prepared for the deposition, often focusing on what documents were used. In this regard, the plaintiff will be asked to produce those documents, and counsel will inquire as to whether there are any other relevant documents that have not been produced.

Any Other Evidence

The other party’s lawyer will typically explore whether any other witness, document, photo or any other type of evidence exists that has not been produced that can shed any light on the facts and circumstances relevant to the accident.

Contact a Renton Slip and Fall Lawyer for Legal Advice

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