Renton Car Accident Lawyer Explains Your Role in the Lawsuit Process

Renton Personal Injury Lawyer | Moderately Severe & Severe PainThe process of a lawsuit involves a number of steps, some of which may occur without your direct involvement. Although every case is different, personal injury lawsuits generally involve a series of court procedures, requests for documents and the gathering of statements and testimony. Your Renton car accident lawyer will guide you in what you have to do during the process.

Generally, a lawsuit will involve the following steps:

1. After investigating and preparing for a suit, your lawyer will prepare a Summons and Complaint, which simply means that he or she will file the claim in court.

2. The Summons and Complaint is served to the defendant, which is the individual or entity responsible for your injuries. You will be called the plaintiff.

3. Next, the insurance company will hire a defense lawyer who will file an Answer to the Complaint. The Answer typically denies the extent of your injuries and the defendant’s responsibility for them. The Answer may also pursue other individuals who may be responsible for your injuries.

4. The discovery process is when both sides will try to gather information from each other.

At this point you will become involved in the process, which can include:

a. Interrogatories, which are questions requiring written answers.

b. Depositions, which is oral testimony in front of attorneys and a court reporter. The court reporter will transcribe the questions and answers.

c. Lawyers will request documents including medical reports, medical bills and witness statements.

d. Requests for admission – a process requiring parties to admit facts that aren’t being disputed.

5. Motions in court and other pretrial procedures will be conducted to prepare for trial.

6. Other trial preparations, which might include doctor video depositions, briefs, witness meetings and more.

The Importance of Your Role

Much of a trial occurs behind the scenes, but as a plaintiff, you will play a foremost role during certain actions. It’s crucial to follow the guidance and instructions you receive from your Renton car accident attorney when requested to participate.

As an injury victim, you need guidance and legal support from a qualified lawyer. Take your first step by calling (425) 336-2255 to speak with a Renton car accident lawyer at Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law.

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