Four Important Tips On How To Be A Good Witness

Personal Injury Lawyer In Renton | How To Be A Good WitnessTaking the stand in front of a judge or jury can be intimidating for anyone. When preparing to testify at your personal injury trial, consider these tips from a personal injury lawyer in Renton:

• Don’t rush to answer questions from the opposing counsel or from your lawyer as quickly as possible. Listen carefully to the question and take a second to think about your answer before you begin. It is OK to consider your answer rather than say the first thing that comes to mind and risk getting caught in an exaggeration or misstatement.
• Don’t answer a question unless you are sure you know the answer. If you don’t know the answer, don’t look to your personal injury lawyer in Renton to provide it for you. It is OK to admit that you don’t know something, but it is not OK to appear as if you need your lawyer to tell you what to say.
• Don’t put on a show or engage in theatrics. It may seem frustrating to put up with the questions of the opposing side, but keep calm regardless. Losing your temper looks bad no matter how strong your case is. By contrast, remaining calm under pressure will make you look more sympathetic to the jury and reinforce the fact that you are telling the truth.
• Make eye contact with the jurors. Think about the trial as if you are telling your story to a close friend and need them to believe you.

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