Six Things You Should Know about Your Deposition

maryWhen gearing up for your personal injury deposition, it is important to be prepared. Your Renton personal injury lawyer will help you prepare by walking you through the types of questions that will be asked and how you should conduct yourself. Here are some more guidelines you should take into account:

• Dress professionally, as if it were a job interview.
• Go over the interrogatory answers that you submitted as well as any documents that your Renton personal injury lawyer gives you. Make sure you understand what they say because they might be brought up in the deposition.
• Always tell the truth. If you think an honest answer to a question might hurt your case, tell the truth anyway and let your lawyer worry about how to handle the damage. If you are caught in a lie, the defense attorney will be able to impeach you and your case will be over.
• Listen carefully to the question and do not begin to answer until after the defense attorney has finished asking. Make sure you understand exactly what the question is asking and do not attempt to give more information than what is asked in the question.
• If the defense attorney phrases a question as if you should automatically agree, be careful. Some attorneys like to throw in something at the end of a question to try to catch you off guard and get you to agree without thinking. Listen to each question carefully to avoid this.
• Don’t argue with the defense attorney. Let your Renton personal injury lawyer handle any disagreements with the defense attorney.

To make sure you are prepared for your deposition, contact a Renton personal injury attorney. Call Edward K. Le, Attorneys at Law at 425-336-2255.

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