A Renton Personal Injury Law Firm Discusses Plaintiff Fraud

Renton personal injury law firmThere are several factors that might signal potential fraud to an insurance adjuster. If an insurance company is suspicious of fraud, it may select a case for investigation, which will slow down the process and might result in the denial of a plaintiff’s claim. Following are some indicators that might cause an insurance adjuster to suspect fraud.

Immediate legal representation

Insurance adjusters are wary of plaintiffs who seem very knowledgeable about the insurance industry and personal injury claims. These “claims conscious” plaintiffs are often targeted for close scrutiny. One indicator of a claims conscious plaintiff is a letter of attorney representation dated the same day as the accident. Another indicator of fraud is a letter from the medical clinic that provided treatment to the plaintiff.

Accident is reported late

If you wait several days before reporting an injury or seeking medical attention, an insurance adjuster may be skeptical about your claim. The wider the gap is between the day the accident happened and the day you first sought treatment, the more suspicious the adjuster is likely to be, says a Renton personal injury attorney.

Problems with witnesses

Witnesses are often an important part of an accident claim. An insurance adjuster might become concerned if there are no witnesses to the accident or if there are witnesses, but their version of events conflicts with your testimony. Lastly, if witnesses “miraculously” appear on the day of the trial or during arbitration, an adjuster might suspect fraud.

Inconsistent accounts of the accident

Your Renton personal injury law firm will tell you that your description of the accident should be consistent. For example, if you change your account of the accident after you become aware of fabrication, misrepresentation or inconsistencies in your witnesses’ version of the accident story, an adjuster may be concerned that your description is not genuine.

Your Renton personal injury law firm understands that some legitimate accidents might lack witnesses or have other inconsistencies that could be a cause for concern for an insurance adjuster. An attorney may work with you to ensure that your claim is handled fairly by the insurer. To speak with a lawyer about your accident claim, call Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at (425) 336-2255.

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