Evaluating Damage in Your Personal Injury Case

personal injury attorney in RentonAre you curious to know how much your personal injury case is worth? A personal injury attorney in Renton advises of the multitude of questions claims adjusters and attorneys will ask to determine the figure.

The first questions a personal injury attorney in Renton will ask are about the defendant:

  • Was the defendant’s conduct malicious, wanton or reckless?
  • Did the defendant use drug or alcohol at the time of the accident?
  • As a result of the accident, was the defendant charged with criminal conduct?
  • Can the conduct of the defendant be considered an intentional tort?
  • Does the defendant have insurance?
  • Does the defendant own any assets?
  • Does the defendant have any liabilities?
  • What is the defendant’s financial worth?

The following question is regarding insurance:

  • If a complaint is drafted, will the insurance carrier decline coverage, alleging that it is an intentional tort?

There will then be questions regarding the deceased person in the accident:

  • If the estate of the deceased is the client, what was that person’s background?
  • What was the decedent’s marital status?
  • How old was the decedent?
  • What was the decedent’s actuarial life expectancy?
  • How was the decedent’s health prior to the accident?
  • What was the decedent’s employment history?
  • Was the decedent’s income increasing or decreasing?
  • What was the decedent’s income in the prior ten years?
  • What would the decedent’s likely income be for the next ten years?
  • Is there any evidence, like tax returns or employment records, to prove income?
  • Can an expert provide testimony to prove decedent’s future income?
  • What was the decedent’s net worth?

There will also be questions regarding costs of the injury:

  • Were any expenses or bills incurred due to the injury and death?
  • Did the decedent suffer, or die instantly?

The following questions will consider the decedent’s worth to the immediate family:

  • What did the decedent do for his or her household?
  • What is the value of depriving the spouse or any children of companionship?

Other questions may be asked to ascertain risk, negligence, statute of limitations and damage caps.

For more information regarding damage evaluation, contact personal injury lawyer in Renton Edward K. Le Attorneys at Law at (425) 336-2255.

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