Emergency Room Records in Motorcycle Accidents

Renton motorcycle accident lawyerYour Renton motorcycle accident lawyer can explain the importance of hospital records in your personal injury case. Very often, the emergency room record is the first time that your injuries are documented in the case. It can help preserve the seriousness of the injuries that you suffered if your trial occurs well after the physical signs of your injuries disappear.

What Emergency Records Show

The emergency record is particularly important to a Renton motorcycle accident lawyer because it shows the first impression of the injury. It also shows the exact time that the victim arrived at the hospital. It also helps to establish causation between the accident and the injury. Additionally, the emergency room record may also show a history of the victim’s condition. Likewise, it may preserve the victim’s immediate reaction and recollection of the accident close in time to the accident itself.

Your Renton motorcycle accident attorney may also want to obtain emergency room records in order to get a record of all injuries that you reported to healthcare personnel. While some injuries that are harder to prove in an objective manner such as back or neck injuries may not be as appreciated, emergency room records may help preserve information about more objectively identified injuries like severe bleeding or lacerations that you suffered in your motorcycle accident. Receipts for prescriptions and a record of treatment can help you establish your damages in the case.

Although these records may provide valuable information to help your case, a Renton motorcycle accident lawyer can also warn that the defense may also want to acquire these records. This is because emergency room medical records might show a history of your prior conditions and a list of medications that you take. The defense may try to use this information to show that your injuries were pre-existing or that you were impaired at the time that the accident occurred.

Obtaining Records

Your Renton motorcycle accident attorney can handle the acquisition of your medical records. However, he or she may first need you to sign an authorization to release these records to your attorney. Some hospitals charge a nominal fee for providing these documents.

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